What is this game all about?

Cool Forts Prevail is a tactical first person shooter that is all about forts. You build forts, attack forts, and... uhm... other stuff about forts. You can play with your friends (or enemies) using split-screen.

What you do is up to you. Do you just want to build and defend a fort? You can do just that! Do you want to run over cartoon people with a weird car? You're one download away!

This is an experimental game that i made to get more skilled with the genre, and hopefully you'll have fun playing it!

This game is colorful.

Really colorful.

You're still reading? Check out this FAQ:

Is this game fun?

Are the bots intelligent?
Nope, but they will look for you, they'll find you, and they will kill you.

Is there blood and gore?

How many players can there be in one match?
Four players locally.

Check out these pics:

Vikings are fierce nordic warriors. They also have boomerang axes (totally historically accurate.)

Aim with your rifle to actually hit your targets.

Check out that fancy water shader.

Yes, you can drive cars underwater.